A New Model of Leadership

The course is a leadership laboratory using a new model of leadership

  • Access to being a leader and to the effective exercise of leadership as your natural self-expression.

The unique content and learning/teaching methods employed in this course are based on a new ontological/phenomenological model of leader and leadership.  This new model of leadership has been specifically designed to provide you with access to being a leader and to the effective exercise of leadership.  Rather than studying and trying to emulate the characteristics, styles, and actions of noteworthy leaders, or to merely impart knowledge about leadership, this new model of leadership provides you with access to being a leader and to the effective exercise of leadership as your natural self-expression.

  • An epistemological mastery of a subject leaves you knowing. An ontological mastery of a subject leaves you being.
  • Tools to achieve significant breakthroughs in your professional and personal life – in any environment, no matter what the circumstances.

The course gives access to the ways of being, thinking, planning, and acting required to be a leader and to exercise leadership effectively.

  • Access to being a leader in all domains of leadership.

This course gives access to being an effective leader in the following areas: yourself and your life, team and organizational leadership in business, in school, and in any area where you are committed to making a difference.  For example: family, community, and politics.

  • The ability to gain access and influence as a leader on a larger stage.

This course has a track record of making a significant difference for participants, whether you already hold a major leadership position or have had little to no leadership experience.  When you have completed this course you will have experienced whatever personal transformation is required for you to be a leader as your natural self-expression – in any environment and no matter what conditions confront you.  Even when you personally lack certain experience or knowledge, you will know what to do to be an effective leader.

Something You Should Know About This Course

Given what we are promising you from your participation in the six class days of this course, you will have to be completely free of any outside obligations. As a result, you will have to set aside (reserve) the entire day and evening of each of the class days, and most of the weekend between the two weekday class sections of the course. The course is challenging, and will require a good deal of intellectual effort on your part outside the classroom. There will be assignments for you to complete each morning before and each evening after class, as well as during each break (including the lunch break). And, there will be a major assignment to be completed during the weekend. Given all of the foregoing, it will support you in realizing the promise of the course if you think about it as a leadership intensive – something well beyond the average classroom experience.

The History Of This Course

The content of this course is based on the instructors’ work over the last ten years.  An earlier version of the course has been taught at the University of Rochester Simon School of Business, USA (2004-2008), US Air Force Academy, USA (since 2008), Erasmus Academie Rotterdam, NL (June 2009), Panchgani, India under the auspices of the IC Centre for Governance and MW Corp (2010),  Texas A&M University Mays School of Business, USA (June 2010), Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College, USA  (June 2012) and University of British Columbia, Canada (June 2013).

In addition, under the sponsorship of the Kauffman Foundation and the U.S. Air Force Academy, more than 40 scholars from various academic institutions were provided with four days of training in teaching the course (in a workshop at the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2010), and 55 international consulting firms have been trained in delivering this course for their clients.